I created my first website in 1997. I don't think it even exists in the Wayback machine because I didn't have my own domain. The site was created for the business my husband and I were running, called ComputerSmith. I have created many other websites for myself and others since then. Here are a few examples.

Sites I Own or Designed

Project Title Description
I Will Design YOUR Web Do you need a website of your own? Do you like what you see here? This website was created to provide custom web design and development services. The prices are reasonable, and specifically made to make a professional website possible, even for small businesses.
irenesmith.com This website was created using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. In creating this version of my website, I have also used the Bootstrap Framework. It has seen many versions of the years from PHP to Classic ASP, and ASP .NET.
"It's an Irene Thing" My blog, a WordPress blog, which includes articles on a wide range of topics, including Windows, writing, and personal topics.
Movies Online This is a static website. It displays a list of movies using KnockoutJS. The list is read-only and was only created as a learning exercise.
Irene P. Smith This is a simple one-page app style website that I created for my writing. The site uses Bootstrap for its UI and AngularJS, but only for page routing.
Nimue's Grotto This is an online magazine publishing flash-length Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror. The premiere issue as published on March 4, 2017. Issue 2 will be published on June 3, 2017. If you are a writer, we are accepting submissions for the June issue now.
Dreams in Transit Just another WordPress site, as they say, a blog for writers.
Turnstiles Productions This WordPress site belongs to my son. He is the director, producer, and sometimes author of films. He's a student right now, but he's busy making movies nonetheless.