I created my first website in 1997. I don't think it even exists in the Wayback machine because I didn't have my own domain. The site was created for the business my husband and I were running, called ComputerSmith. I have created many other websites for myself and others since then. Here are a few examples.

Sites I Own

Project Title Description
irenesmith.com This website was created using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. In creating this version of my website, I have also used the Bootstrap Framework.
Irene P. Smith This site is mostly HTML5 with CSS 3, with a little bit of PHP scripting. The information on this site deals mostly with the short stories and articles that I have written.

Example jQuery Apps

Project Title Description
Stuff 2 Do A simple jQuery app that tracks a list of tasks. The app saves tasks in local storage, and allows tasks to be added and updated.
Tipster Another simple jQuery app that can be used to calculate the tip for a group of diners. This is actually a jQuery version of the C# WPF application I wrote when I was playing around with WPF.
Photo Album jQuery photo album. This little app uses the jQuery fancybox library to display a few of the photos I've taken over the years.
Movies This is an app that uses MongoDB Stitch to retrieve a list of movies that we own.
Play with HTML5 Canvas This is an example of playing around with the drawing commands of the HTML5 Canvas object. The drawings produced are similar to the screensaver I created for Windows years ago. The algorithm to create the drawings was adapted from the book, Delphi Programming Explorer, by Jeff Duntemann.