I never really intended to be a full-time technical writer. However, when I put my resume on Monster for the first time, I was almost immediately contacted for a technical writing position at Microsoft. Perhaps it was because I had written several articles on programming, but for whatever reason I received the offer, I wanted to work for Microsoft so I accepted.

I have written:

  • A series of articles about programming in magazines such as CodeWorks and PC Techniques.
  • I wrote context-sensitive help files for my own games.
  • Reviews of programmers' tools, books, and games for PC Techniques and PC Hands On.
  • How-to articles for end users, describing useful techniques for programs such as Microsoft Word, PhotoShop, and Excel.

I have written documentation for programmers, including:

  • How-to and reference articles for MDN Web Docs. (Opens in a new browser tab.)
  • Technical Specifications and Design Specifications
  • API References for Microsoft ADO, OLE DB, and ODBC as well as for ADO .NET
  • Conceptual documentation for Microsoft database objects. I was part of a team of three writers who reorganized and expanded the ADO 2.5 documentation set.
  • API references for a Java API for TIAA-CREF.